Today, march 11, 2012, is the second anniversary of a tragic natural disaster-the destructive Tsunami in japan. Last fall I was given the opportunity to be a part of Peter Gray’s “zoo” at AVEDA Congress,  and Peter and his team took the opportunity to connect with this massive audience, a fashionable crowd expecting a showcase of innovative new trends, to bring honor to those affected by the Tsunami. His team of talented artists was comprised of many who hailed from the areas affected in Japan, and after visiting the area, they constructed conceptual hairpieces and commissioned couture by Alexander McQueen’s talented design team that reflected the extremism and melancholy of the area ravaged by the storm.

Tomohiro Murumatsu, a ridiculously talented Japanese artist who draws organic shapes comprised of repetitive patterns with only a sharpie, created living works of art upon our bodies. Textures of twisted ropes and sharp, torn fabrics represented the landscape turned upside down by the powerful wave as giant photos flashed images of the aftermath. The overall result was quite the juxtaposition of rawness and the beauty of rebirth.

It was truly a humbling honor to help bring this concept to reality on stage, and in effect transform a celebration of superficial beauty into an introspective look at the world around us, the innate strength of acceptance and growth in the face of ravaged destruction.

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