Summer is my happy place. Sunshine, warmth, movement, pure bliss. Every day presents another opportunity to revel in the awesome wonder that is this world, even when the force of mother nature knocks you off your bike and whooshes you away into a river of rain 😉 If there was one thing that could improve upon this season of happiness, it would be a remote control to slow-motion time and savor every morsel of goodness…and by being fully present and conscious, this “remote” comes to life!


-family fun on the fourth of july-

All around us we are surrounded by such immense possibility, love, life, and wealth. It is only when we escape from the mind chatter, the to-do lists, plans to come and attachment to results that we truly access this freedom outside the binds of thought. Release yourself! Soak it up and share the love 🙂 This open mind allows space to be created for connection, and the opportunities for growth and exploration are truly unlimited and in every passing moment. Most often, this happens at times when we would otherwise have the blinders on.

I truly feel so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible, unique and amazing thinkers and doers every day who never cease to inspire me. At an AVEDA show earlier this month, I had the pleasure of spending the day chatting with a wonderfully talented friend, Stephanie “Junko” Molitor, and once again was blown away by the power of the world to connect us all and spread the bounty of love 🙂 she is not only a super sweet, lovely new mommy, but the founder of Junko’s Garden, a hydroponic farm located in Hinkley, MN (



Her produce is OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious and an example of pure love in action! Check your local Whole Foods to purchase her seasonal goodies if you are lucky enough to live around the Twin Cities 🙂


-bts @ AVEDA Heartlands Fall 2013 collection launch-

She was kind enough to provide me with a giant box of dino kale, which was begging to be made into Pina Colada Kale chips that capture summer in one crunch. Below is the recipe:

(A homemade version based on these:

4-6 c Kale, torn into smaller pieces (any variety-also great with pretty much any type of greens, large stems removed)
1 Banana
1/2 c raw coconut (or dehydrated)
3/4 c pineapple
Sprinkle Sea Salt

Blend together ingredients, massage into torn Kale, dehydrate 6hrs-overnight (longer the crunchier). Alternately, cook on VERY low heat until crunchy, or set in sun and let mother nature work her magic. A perfect standalone snack, an equally amazing sprinkled over salads for a tropical crunch-even fruit salads for breakfast! As always, your imagination is the only limitation for variety,  so go wild! Also surprisingly delicious as a substitute for bread crumbs in recipes, especially Crab Stuffed Peppers, if you can save a few until next month….

…here’s a little video for your enjoyment that totally captures summer fun for me! Shot by Adam Hester

and for your viewing pleasure, a few more snapshots of summer thus far 🙂



-fourth of july fireworks and fun times on Madeline Island-



-bts @ Voltage 2013 (photo by Rhea Pappas)-


-dance party shenanigans-

in love and light, namaste~

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