photo copyright Miles Schuster

As a 200 hr certified RYT (registered yoga teacher) and holistic health coach specializing in integrative lifestyle design, I offer personalized programs which serve as a platform to explore the body, mind and spirit to nurture your core of being, connect with breath, and  incite internal & external  balance: cultivating healthy relationships,  physical and mental strength, a satisfying career, and a fulfilling spiritual connection to access your true calling and highest potential.

My intention is to absorb the lessons that life’s teachers have to continuously share, using yoga as my guide to encourage understanding and growth within myself and others. Overall, I am a creative, innovative thinker who loves to use my presence to incite boundless possibility for evolutionary progression in all aspects of life. Outside of the studio, I do runway, print, and commercial modeling, with clients including Aveda, Lifetime Fitness, Target, Best Buy, Hot Mama, and ShopNBC along with many others.

Check out this blog to stay updated on programs and class offerings, workshops, inspiration, delicious nutrition and all sorts of randomness…a peek into my wild and crazy perspective on this spinning blue ball










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